Tuesday, September 30, 2008

you're a mess but that's ok!

Aug 11, 2008 10:19 AM

Subject: hiss

howdy hiya hey!
First off, I like your style! you're a mess but that's ok! jk. I stumbled upon your profile and decided to waste mere minutes on this silly thing. At any rate, I am moving to the LA area for this new band w/ Rob from Anthrax and Roy from Stonesour and I'm looking to meet new people. I know this is totally hit or miss but I'm a gambling man. What can I say!? I actually think we may have much in common. Hit me back.

Wow....you wanna pick up those names you just dropped? Not that impressive, unfortunately. And thanks for calling me a mess, I really appreciate it; that's exactly the first thing a girl wants to hear from a guy trying to hit on her. And dude, don't even lie and pretend you think Myspace is a "silly thing"...you must realize it is literally the only thing that might make people come to your new band's shows? The best networking tool in the entire world, the platform that has transformed promotion and taken it to a whole new level, the one thing that might give your band the slightest chance of making it, is a "silly thing"? You, good sir, need to get your priorities in order. Instead of wasting your time writing to random girls on this thing, why don't you start building a fanbase for your amazing new band with Rob from Anthrax and Roy from Stonesour. Hit me up when your album goes platinum....then we'll talk.

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