Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Aug 22, 2008 2:15 AM

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now thats how feet are suppose to look i love those gorgeous ass feet and toes all due respect dammmmmmmmmmmmmm your feet are gorgeous

Okay so the backstory on this one is that I got a tattoo on the top of my foot and used it as a default a few weeks ago. (pic below) I was wondering how long it would take for the foot fetish freaks to roll in.

DUDE....first of all, you're sick. I know everyone's got their "thing", but bombarding some random girl, talking about how much you want to slobber all over her feet is literally the last thing she wants to hear. Especially when you're so eager to show your excitement that you forget to throw the "n" on the end of your "damn". That's great you think my feet are gorgeous, but what about a girl with a gorgeous mind or a generous heart? Do those things even matter anymore? Judging by this cornucopia of messages I'm providing everyone with, it doesn't really look like it. How unfortunate. Go find Paris Hilton; she's got enough feet to go around.


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Cristal said...

OMG, WTF?! I don't get the whole foot fetishism. What a freak!

"I want to worship your pretty little feet. I would also like to eat food off of them, lick the soles of them, and suck on your toes".