Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Aug 29, 2008 5:26 PM

Subject: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy erin!@!@!@

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Beautiful ; D,
Im JoHn. well I saw ur profile and u seem like a great girl n i was hoping we can talk. How's the year been for u? Whatcha been up to this summer? anything exciting?

i've just been doing work, school, basketball/football, hangin out, visiting the beach, movies, music, clubs, HIN car show, road trips and celebrated my bday. wellps, have a fun n safe rest of ur summer!!

JoHn =P...3

John, you sound like a puppy that's watching his owner get the leash ready for a walk. Calm the fuck down. I understand you're excited, but there's this thing, and it's called "coming on too strong". You would have been fine after the first two sentences, but the fact that you felt the need to let me know about every activity your mom put you in at the YMCA kind of makes you seem....well.....overeager, to say the least. Oh, and thanks. I'll make sure to be safe....

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xamox said...

Damn gurl, wat tiz up? your blog post R tiz so hotz. I mean come on. Who wouldn't want to git on dat shit.

But in all seriousness guys just suck at trying to get girls on dates (well at least this guy does). All I know how to talk about is linux and deathmetal. Sigh.

Very funny blog though, and a special thanks to digg for recommending it for me.