Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Im not tryin to get into your panties

Jun 12, 2008 8:49 PM

Subject: No Subject

I went through your profile inside out and the first thing that got my attention was your pics. I dont know how you look so damn cute? It cant be just the great angles ;) Of course then I also took some more time and read your profile to see that we got a few things in common. Well if you like what you see over here and read my profile as well, maybe we can talk sometime? I do want to emphasize reading my profile.. since I like to stay honest.

Oh yea Im not tryin to get into your panties..so dont get em up in a bunch already. And feel free to holla at me on AIM as royale1129 and YAHOO as royale11. I m just givin that out to you since you dont seem like a stalker.

Hit me up if you like


If I wanted to hear from an ass, I would fuckin' fart. If you went through my profile inside out, I'm pretty sure you would have been a little more specific in pointing things out, which would make any half-intelligent person realize the sheer copy/paste of this message. No one's getting their panties up in a bunch, but take the anal beads out of your ass and stop trying to make yourself look like a hot piece of shit. FAIL. Oh, and everyone feel free to IM this douche.

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Too Funny this dumb ass sent me the exact same email.