Monday, September 15, 2008

mayb u can have a life wit me

Sep 11, 2008 4:38 PM


heya baby

Heya beautiful u really caught my attention and im just want u to know that i really like u and i really wanna get to know a beautiful girl like u and mayb we can even hook up sumtime in the future but u really did catch my attention and i wish i can express how i feel bout u nd mayb one day i will but i would treat u better than any other guy and mayb u can have a life wit me in miami fl cause i movin back there in a couple of weeks so please write back cause i really do like u a lot.

My knight in shining armor! I've always longed for the day that you would write me a barely comprehensible message through MySpace, and whisk me off to your crackhouse in Miami; it's like a dream come true :) The internet really is incredible...we've never even met, and I have no idea who you are, but you can get a good enough idea of me to really, really like me, and want to have a life with me! I would like nothing more than to quit my job, sublet my apartment, leave all my friends and family and drop everything to move to Florida with you in a couple weeks...when's our flight??


Annie said...

wow this guy really says "mayb" a lot. i mean let's say he is this wonderful person he says he is. all those "mayb"s don't sound really assuring. come on buddy..couldn't you sound just a little more promising? or "mayb" you're just lame.

Cristal said...

Someone sounds desperate..."please write back cause i really do like u a lot". FAIL. "Mayb" you should write back Erin...NOT!