Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i tlak a lot

Aug 29, 2008 11:35 AM

Subject: No Subject

heh, i just saw your profile headline and i wa slike WTF im not dead! yeah my names Jimmy lol im not tyring ot be rude but yeah i didn't click that in my head that quick lol anyways whats up? im pretty bored=) nice hair i love red hair, i had it red before i mena mine=) i tlak a lot lol whats up with you?

Hmmm...I'm sure you're just a little overenthusiastic, but in this case, you made the wrong move. My name, at the moment, reads: Erin Michelle [R.I.P. Jimmy] - for my cousin who was killed at the beginning of August. You were, I'm sure, trying to make a connection with me, but couldn't you have done a bit more research before spouting this out? And like you said, "didn't mean to be rude", but why would you even say something in the first place that could potentially be taken as rude?? And yes, I can tell you tlak alot. You tlak so much you can't even spell it right.

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Cristal said...

What kind of an idiot jokes about that? I often wonder if people think anymore. What a douche.